6 Healthcare Startups Poised to Transform the Delivery of Care

Bill Malloy III
4 min readJun 3, 2021


Technological advancements are quickly reshaping the delivery of healthcare in the United States and beyond. Through new technology, it is possible to better triage potential health issues so that physicians can address the most serious cases first. In addition, technology is facilitating more remote treatments, which have been driven largely by the pressures of the pandemic. Moving forward, there seems to be no limit to what innovators can do, and it is exciting to see the ideas that are in the earliest stages of development. Across the country, many companies are already working toward impressive goals that may revolutionize the delivery of healthcare. Some key startups to keep an eye on include:

1. Fisher Wallace Laboratories

Mental health services are in great demand in the United States, with high rates of depression and anxiety. Some patients have little access to therapy and may not be able to take prescription medications. Fisher Wallace Laboratories is developing a different solution, a cranial electrotherapy device. Clinical trials have shown that this device can treat not only depression and anxiety, but also insomnia. The transcranial stimulation triggers the release of dopamine, serotonin, and other neurotransmitters while lowering levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. This device provides a viable alternative to pharmacological therapy for mental health and could serve as an important adjunct to therapy.

2. Dadi

Historically, few interventions have been offered for men who are struggling with infertility. Male infertility accounts for up to half of all cases, and about 7 percent of men will face this issue. Dadi provides an easy, at-home solution for testing. After returning the kit to the laboratory, a full medical evaluation is offered within 48 hours. In addition, patients can choose to freeze their sperm in a secure lab for use at a later date. Cryogenically storing sperm is a sort of insurance policy against infertility down the line and can help men to be confident in their ability to have children when they choose. Also, at-home testing provides a fast and easy solution for men who need more information about their fertility.

3. Babyscripts

The United States is facing a significant shortage of obstetrical providers, and the pandemic has made it even more difficult to see obstetricians as frequently as recommended during pregnancy. Babyscripts provides a new solution with remote monitoring technology. The platform tracks vital signs like blood pressure and sends alerts to providers whenever readings are outside of acceptable limits. This means that patients only need to come to the clinic or hospital when an evaluation is necessary, which can help to minimize their contact with sick individuals. Babyscripts is also looking at new forms of monitoring for mothers, such as mental health tracking, which can help providers understand when they need to intervene both before and after a birth.

4. Deliberate Solutions

Psychiatrists and therapists often spend months and years developing relationships with patients in order to identify their underlying issues. Deliberate Solutions helps to speed up this process with cameras and microphones strategically placed in the office. The recordings go through an artificial intelligence-driven algorithm to analyze body language and facial expressions, as well as audio clues that can give more insight on patients. Alongside these benefits, the company provides annotation and auto-transcription services, as well as digital consent management, which helps therapists improve quality of care while reducing their work burden. Plus, Deliberate Solutions’ software integrates with electronic health records and various patient engagement tools.

5. Second Nature

In the United States, chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease are key drivers of both mortality and morbidity. These conditions are often linked to being overweight and making poor lifestyle choices. Second Nature has developed a tool designed to help people to break bad habits and replace them with positive ones that can make them healthier in the long run. The company has a 12-week digital program that includes virtual support groups, education, and tools for tracking food intake and exercise. Creating a healthier nation largely starts with making better everyday choices, but many people do not understand how they can fit these good decisions into their lives.

6. HealthBridge

Affordability is one of the primary barriers to healthcare in the United States. Some people are unable to obtain access to care because they have no health insurance, especially if they are unemployed or underemployed. Other times, high deductibles prevent people from seeking care immediately. Unfortunately, these people may remain ill for a longer period of time as a consequence or even require more expensive care down the line. HealthBridge offers a solution by covering in-network and out-of-pocket expenses for any company that has secured the service and easily consolidates payments into one affordable monthly payment. People who do not face large, upfront costs may be more likely to obtain the care they need right away.

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